Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Trumpet flowers from Late last Summer

There is the most beautiful garden at the Hiram locks in Seattle. Seems a bit cliche to use "beautiful garden" ... I should go find some other words to describe it. But, what I miss the most in the winter are the flowers that we see at other times of the year. These are "trumpet flowers." I know very little about plants. When I grew up we lived on maybe a half acre or more but it was in the ravines and woods and we never really planted much.. most of the property was a bit rustic. I have never been interested in the names or background of flowers but I am captivated by their often delicate beauty for such a short life span.
I keep flowers in my sunroom all year round. Geraniums bloom all the time. They look a bit weak in the winter but bright red blooms greet me every day. My Grandma Leila brought her pots of geraniums into the living room each year. I remembered that when I moved into this house and love that they stay in bloom! Do you have flowers in your home in the winter?

Saturday, January 10, 2009

The perfect barn

Sometimes imperfection is perfect.
I have never been in a barn. Whenever I have the chance I take photos of barns driving through the countryside. This barn has boards missing but it is so perfect. I love the color and the stone base. I took this photo driving in Missouri two years ago.
There are times I tie my hair up and have blemishes ... but I look in the mirror and I am still "perfect." Do you ever feel that way?

Monday, January 5, 2009

The Venice Window

This is one of my favorite photos snapped while on a gondola on the canal in Venice in the fall 2007. I remember thinking how I felt like I was taking too many photos... but, now I wish I took double the number. The windows are so beautiful with framework and flowers. Next time I go to Venice, and I do plan to go again, I would like to know what the view is like from those windows. The view of Lake Washington from my windows at home is spectacular. But, the windows themselves are not memorable. Maybe someday I'll add some flowerboxes!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Winter Wonderland in Kirkland

The snow that fell in December was so beautiful. It was thick and heavy and stayed around for over 10 days. But, everything in the city came to a standstill. It was impossible to drive on the streets. I left the house three times in over 10 days. The snow, like a blanket, acts as a muffler and creates almost an eerie quiet. Here are a few photos from my backyard.