Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Trumpet flowers from Late last Summer

There is the most beautiful garden at the Hiram locks in Seattle. Seems a bit cliche to use "beautiful garden" ... I should go find some other words to describe it. But, what I miss the most in the winter are the flowers that we see at other times of the year. These are "trumpet flowers." I know very little about plants. When I grew up we lived on maybe a half acre or more but it was in the ravines and woods and we never really planted much.. most of the property was a bit rustic. I have never been interested in the names or background of flowers but I am captivated by their often delicate beauty for such a short life span.
I keep flowers in my sunroom all year round. Geraniums bloom all the time. They look a bit weak in the winter but bright red blooms greet me every day. My Grandma Leila brought her pots of geraniums into the living room each year. I remembered that when I moved into this house and love that they stay in bloom! Do you have flowers in your home in the winter?

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